About The You Barista Coffee Company

The You Barista Coffee Company is a company of coffee people passionate about encouraging, inspiring and making it possible for everyday coffee lovers to craft better coffee at home, and make the most of all the amazing gear and fabulous equipment that go along with it. It's more than just coffee. It's about you. And that's why we call ourselves You Barista. It's really all about you. We are here for you, and we wouldn't be here without you. 

We fundamentaly believe that at its heart a business should exist to do good. And so we are committed to you, to do good by you and for you. We celebrate our customers, and we absolutely do have the very best customers!

It all started on a bitterly cold and random day one December when our founder, Craig, popped into a famous-name coffee shop for a flat white after a particularly awful meeting that had gone horribly wrong. He popped in to the aforementioned coffee establishment to lick his wounds and cheer himself up with a hot beverage. The place just happened to be devoid of all custom during a mid-morning lull, and so after ordering his go-to drink he made an cheerful attempt to strike up a friendly conversation with the barista on the bench that day. He politely asked her what her secret to a great cup of coffee was...

Her response floored him! She responded with passion and energy, and became excited and animated, and proceeded to craft the most delicious flat white he'd enjoyed in a very long time. He had no idea that it was even possible to employ that level of focus and energy into making a single cup of coffee! It was this response that inspired him, and also spoiled him from ever settling for mediocre coffee again. Because he was not used to getting great coffee from this particular shop it got him thinking, exploring, questioning and dreaming... What if it was posiible to drink better coffee. What if we could all enjoy better coffee at home?

His ideas and ponderings eventually became a reality and You Barista started in 2017, mostly selling bags of freshly roasted speciality coffee, the odd espresso machine and sparkly new coffee grinders to an emerging crowd of home coffee enthusiasts. As the market grew, we expanded our line of products and business, making it possible to get the best coffee brands into our customers hands.

Today we are very picky about the brands we sell. We only sell the best quality products in every category. And we will never ever sell imitations or knock-offs. We support and encourage those who innovate, not those who copy. 

We're now one of the most trusted coffee equipment distributors in the UK, selling across Europe and many other countries across the globe, as we strive to delight our customers. And we are just getting started!

Nothing makes us more excited than serving the one, and the joy and anticipation of waking up to a better cup of coffee at home. We love the coffee community in the UK - and wouldn't be where we are today without it.

From the bottom of our hearts to you,

Thanks awfully!

The You Barista Team