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Most small coffee machines will take a matter of minutes to heat up but if your machine has an E61 group head, a large boiler or even two boilers, you need to allow more time for it to fully heat up. It’ll take around 10 minutes for the machine’s boiler to get up to pressure and in theory, you will be able to make coffee but you’ll improve the quality of you cup of coffee enormously if you can allow the group head and all the metal in your machine to get properly hot and this can take up to half an hour.

How important is it for a frog to have a watertight bum? Very! A high quality coffee machine will produce great coffee but if the ground coffee has been processed by a sub-optimum grinder then the quality is significantly affected. A cheap grinder can burn the oils in coffee before you’ve even brewed it. Blade grinders are the worst offenders unfortunately! They produce a grossly inconsistent grindsimply destroy any flavour and should be avoided. Burr grinders are recommended and if possible, flat burrs produce a better flavour than conical burrs (unless it’s a large commercial grinder). A pair of burrs consist of a bottom and top plate which have sharp groves. These spin in opposition to each other and depending on how far apart they are from each other will depend on the texture/size of the grind. The bigger the burrs, the more efficient they are and heat dispersion is improved. This is more important when larger volumes of coffee need to be ground. 'Step-adjustment' coffee grinders are far less accurate than 'Stepless' coffee grinders. For high quality machines and brewing Espresso, the latter is required as it gives more control over the size of the grind and therefore the timing of the extraction.

Absolutely yes please do! Lime scale is the biggest killer in coffee machines and causes 99% of problems. If you live in a hard water area then you’ll need to descale more frequently than in soft water areas. Thermoblock coffee machines are more difficult to descale and it’s advisable to check manufacturer’s instruction before a procedure. However, boilers will need regular cleaning. Aluminium boilers will need specialist cleaning products but stainless steel, brass and copper boilers can be descaled using citric acid or other similar products. Please ask if you are unsure.

It looks just like a round ice-hockey puck! A coffee puck is the compacted coffee that you knock out of your portafilter handle after you’ve made a coffee.

Both a Rotary Pump and a Vibration Pump do exactly the same job in providing 9 bar of pressure to the group head (this pressure can be adjusted on a Rotary pump). As a general rule, vibration pumps last approximately 2-5 years and a Rotary pump should last between 4-7 years. Vibration pumps are usually considerably less expensive to replace. A rotary pump has two parts – the pump and the motor, and is physically larger. If noise level is important then Rotary pumps are less noisy than a vibration pump.

It is obviously a matter of personal taste, and all depends on how you like your coffee and what machine you are using. As a general rule it should take between 22 and 32 seconds. It's a journey of discovery and every coffee is different. It is a science and an art!

This describes the quality and concentration of the oils that are harvested from the coffee while hot pressurised water is passed through it. The extraction is often timed to determine if the grind resistance is sufficient to allow the water to spend the optimum ampount of time with the coffee. If an extraction time is too short, then the coffee has been ground to coarsely. If the extraction time is too long, then the coffee has been ground too finely.

A thermoblock is used to heat water and works very much the same as a domestic power shower.

A PID is the digital control seen on some premium coffee machines which display the temperature of the brew water. It stands for Proportional-Intergral-Derivative.

On a basic level, a PID controller uses the PID algorithm to determine the best way to control whatever process it's used for.

A traditional thermostat has a tendency to hit a desired temperature, then turn off the heating element as the temp rises above its target. Then it'll kick back on as the temperature falls below the target. This results in uneven temperatures that can result in inconsistent shot quality in an espresso machine. There are ways to mitigate this with many machines, but it often means learning how to ride the temperature wave with your specific machine. This may require timing the heat-up time precisely or running water through the group head before pulling a shot.

PID controllers use the PID algorithm to keep your machine at the proper brew temperature. This also means the you can directly control the temperature of the machine. While not true in every case, PID controllers are usually visible on the machine. They also usually feature control buttons to increase or decrease the brewing temperature. While this won't matter for most, for some home baristas, experimenting with different roasts and temps is key, and very rewarding!

If you tamp too hard, then you restrict the flow of water through the coffee often resulting in a bitter tasting coffee. If you don’t tamp hard enough then water simply rushes through past the coffee and doesn’t pick up the flavours on its way past. It is thought that about 12-15 kilograms of pressure gives the best result, however this will depend on personal taste and the grinder used to grind the coffee.

This is referred to as the method of evenly distributing the coffee in a porta filter handle. This is to ensure a high quality and even extraction of your coffee.

Once coffee is put into the porta filter handle it requires tamping down, this means compacting the coffee evenly in the basket. Various methods are used but all require a tamper which is a handle with a base that perfectly matches the size of your portafilter handle.

A naked portafilter handle has no base to the bowl in the handle. A basket (usually between 18 to 21g) hangs in the handle and the perforated bottom is exposed and visible. It is advantageous as it confirms that the distribution of coffee is uniform and even. If this is achieved you should see no spraying of coffee and the extraction will funnel centrally to form a single pour. It is often said that the extraction is smoother than when using a standard portafilter handle.


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