You Barista - Our Core Values

You Barista Coffee Company UK London Surrey

Every day at You Barista we are guided by our purpose, which is inspiring people to be exceptional, and by our core values:

1) BEST BRANDS: You Barista was founded on the principle of providing proven, quality, ethically made coffee equipment. Every item we sell must be “barista approved” and is something we ourselves would be happy to purchase and use. We never sell products that are knock-offs or cheaper versions of the originals. Best Brands extends to everything we do; only the best customer service, only the best videos and newsletters, only the best shipping experience, etc. If you can think of a way to make something better - do it!

2) CUSTOMER FIRST: Without our customers, we would not be here. Our customers are also our colleagues, and the friends we run into at barista events and trade shows. It’s hard to beat the feeling of surpassing a customer’s expectations. Every customer who encounters You Barita should walk away delighted at the service they received. Get used to saying “yes”.

3) UNITY: The company grows as a result of all of us working together, and as a result, we all grow together. People who work well as a team, and are generous with their support of others will shine. You Barista team members are always thinking of ways to improve the company and to make things better for everyone! We take care of our staff, our suppliers, and our customers.