Acaia Lunar Weighing Plate

The purpose-designed Acaia magnetic plate designed to fit on top of the Acaia Lunar for either a portafilter or two cappuccino cups.

The Acaia Lunar Weighing Plate

Acaia has a simple and challenging mission: to combine design and technology in the speciality coffee community.

Gently magnetised, the Lunar Weighing Plate fits either one portafilter or two cappuccino cups. Its matte black finish and Eva foam topper blend in perfectly with your Acaia Lunar.


  • Tailored to fit a standard commercial portafilter or two 190mL cappuccino cups on the Acaia Lunar.
  • Eva foam reinforced for sturdy grip and essential vibration reduction.
  • The magnetic design allows quick, precise and easy placement & removal of the weighing plate.




Product Weight

72.1 g

Product Dimensions

W: 160 mm L: 80 mm H: 3 mm


Aluminium, EVA

Inside the Package

Lunar Weighing Plate x 1