Colombia Medellin


Colombia is one of the finest coffee-growing countries in the world and coffee beans from here have a fantastic reputation. Being the third-largest grower of coffee, Colombians know what they are doing and have been doing so since 1790.

This superb coffee from Colombia is chocolatey and nutty and we source it from Medellin. A delicious mild coffee as a filter and sweet and slightly bright as an espresso.

This coffee is fully washed delivering clarity and a healthy brightness in the cup that can be enjoyed in large quantities any time of the day, like right now for example!

Roast Level

Roast level 5

    1. Origin: Colombia
    2. Roast: 5/10
    3. Body: 3/5
    4. Sweetness: 3/5
    5. Acidity: 3/5
    6. Taste Notes: Milk Chocolate | Nutty | Sweet
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