Comandante C40 Nitro Blade Coffee Grinder - Cobalt

The iconic Comandante® C40 is a robust, high-performance grinder with an advanced and pioneering burr set: The Nitro Blade®. Comandante is the market leader in precision hand coffee grinders.


Comandante C40 Nitro Blade Coffee Grinder - Cobalt

Ease of Use

Grinding coffee with the Comandante C40 Nitro Blade Grinder elevates the concept of “making coffee from scratch” to a whole new level. The 100% natural oak wood knob fits perfectly in your hand; the cool, unyielding stainless steel body with its reinforced grip as you turn the handle. The accessible grind setting dial on the bottom of the burrs is within easy reach.

Grinder Build Quality

The high-alloyed, high-nitrogen, stainless steel burrs and double axle bearings guarantee absolute particle uniformity, up to espresso or even the powder-fine Turkish grind. The C40 Nitro is unlike other hand grinders.

The Comandante C40 Nitro coffee grinder includes a clear and brown jar for grinding into and storing beans. With an intentionally engineered durability, the Comandante C40 coffee grinder is built to last.

Comandante C40 Nitro Hand Coffee Grinder UK Surrey London You Barista Limited

The burr material and design is the proud result of years of dedicated research and development at Comandante®’s onsite coffee lab. Nitro Blade® is unique, using a high-alloyed, high-nitrogen stainless steel with a fine martensitic micro-crystal matrix.

Coffee Grind Quality

Burr Geometry has been optimised to achieve excellent Coffee Bean Thruput with a reduced Crank Torque and at the same time deliver a refined Particle Size Distribution for best brewing results.

Comandante®’s click system gives you full control for any brewing method and locks your preferred grind setting into place, helping you get the very best out of your roasted coffee and repeat the results again and again.

Comandante Hand Coffee Grinder UK London Surrey You Barista Coffee Company

This world-class grinding performance has made Nitro Blade® the weapon of choice for true purist coffee enthusiasts around the globe, from home baristas to World Brewers Cup champions.

Every C40 comes with one brown glass Bean Jar and one clear polymer-glass Bean Jar. Both are super easy to clean and hold around 40g of roasted coffee beans.

Weighing in at just over 600g, the C40’s 
compact size and robust nature mean that whether you’re at home or off on an adventure, the world’s best manual coffee grinder is your trusted companion.


Comandante C40 Nitro Hand Coffee Grinder UK London Surrey You Barista Coffee Company