Bursting with an authentic 'coffee shop' aroma, Constellation will keep you coming back for more! This 100% Arabica medium-dark roasted blend offers a great crema and is brilliant for bean-to-cup machines as it is not overly caramelised. 

Look out for lashings of smooth dark chocolate and forest berry notes, accompanied by splashes of caramel and a ripe plum finish.

Constellation produces a mouth-watering espresso and also works beautifully with milk-based drinks.

Roast Level

Roast level 7

    1. Origin: Monsoon Malabar | Mysore | Ethiopian Mocha | Santos
    2. Roast: 7/10
    3. Body: 5/5
    4. Sweetness: 4/5
    5. Acidity: 2/5
    6. Taste Notes: Dark Chocolate, Sweet Forest Berries, Caramel & Ripe Plum
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