El Salvador Las Isabellas


Our coffee from El Salvador is from the Las Isabellas farm and comprises a coupling of the Pacamara and Bourbon varieties. Las Isabellas is located on the south face of the "Cerron Grande" of Apaneca in the west region of El Salvador and at approximately 1200 to 1450 metres above sea level.

If you were ever to visit Las Isabellas you would find 175 acres of natural forest, natural springs and waterfalls! Las Isabellas is also a certified Rainforest Alliance farm. The owner of the farm is Jose Roberto Santamaria who is dedicated to managing the farm and the mill.

The earth in Las Isabellas brings forth a sweet mild coffee with delicious flavours of plums and chocolate.

Roast Level

Roast level 5

    1. Origin: El Salvador
    2. Roast: 5/10
    3. Body: 3/5
    4. Sweetness: 3/5
    5. Acidity: 2/5
    6. Taste Notes: Sweet | Plums | Chocolate
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