Eureka Mignon Brew Pro Coffee Grinder - Gourmet Green

Now you can brew your perfect cup of morning coffee with the Eureka Brew Pro Coffee Grinder. Designed from the ground up just for manual and drip-style coffee brewing, the Brew Pro packs in a stack of features that make it a joy to use in day-to-day operation.

Eureka Mignon Brew Pro Coffee Grinder - 55mm Flat Blades

Eureka has designed the Brew Pro with a single focus of turning your fresh roasted coffee beans into grounds that are optimised for French Press and gravity coffee brewing styles.

The compact Brew Pro also includes many of the features that make Eureka's range of coffee grinders so popular, such as the ACE anti-clumping system which ensures consistently fine grounds make their way out of the grinding chamber, the step-less micrometric regulation system for quickly and easily adjusting grind fineness output, and easy to use touch screen.

The Brew Pro really is a superb choice for anyone looking to brew the best quality French Press and drip brew coffee at home.

The calibrated single rotation grind adjustment and custom-designed 55mm flat brew burrs make dialling in your filter coffee a breeze. Not that you'd notice, with the Pro's sub-5-second grind time and sound-insulated case—it's easy to miss.

The Brew Pro design is finished with a dual-function timer, Tritan plastic for the bean hopper and catch bin, and a nifty grinding system that starts with a single tap.

Features and Functionality

  • Brew Burrs: Custom-cut brew-specific burrs make the Brew Pro an excellent choice for pour-over or drip coffee.
  • Tap to Brew - Simply tap the hopper to brew your desired amount of coffee.
  • Silent Grind - A metal case and sound insulation keep grinding silent—just the thing for those early mornings.
  • Grind Accuracy - A single revolution step-less grind adjust gives you an ideal and repeatable range for brew grinding.
  • Timed Dosing - Set grind times for single cups, full pots or grind continuously.


Manufacturer Eureka
Width 120mm
Depth 190mm
Height 350mm
Product Weight 5.6kg
Watts 310 W
Volts 220 V
Case Material Aluminium
Bean Hopper Capacity 300g
Dosing Options Programmable Dosing Functionality
Adjustment Configuration Stepless - Single Revolution
Grinder Style Burr - Flat Hardened Steel
Burr Diameter 55mm
Anti-Static Coating Yes
Material Metal and Plastic