Eureka Mignon Manuale 50 Coffee Grinder

The Eureka Mignon Manuale 50

The Eureka Mignon Manuale 50 coffee grinder has all the style and high-performance standards boasted by the other models in the Mignon range, but offers manual rather than on-demand operation, making this grinder a stand-out choice for smaller operations such as coffee stands or home baristas who are looking to achieve outstanding quality, whether brewing for espresso or pour-over coffee.

This makes the Manuale 50 a great option for single-dose espresso. It doesn't feature a timer, so the dose will continue to grind for as long as you press the activation button. It is an ideal solution for anyone who prefers to weigh their beans before grinding. 

If you don't wish to single dose you can get around this by timing manually on your phone or with a dedicated timer. Simples!

Suitable for Turkish, Espresso, Moka, Drip & French Press


Brand: Eureka
Colour: Black
Grind Production g/s: 0,9 - 1,5 Espresso & 1,5 - 2,1 Brew
Burrs Type: Flat
Burr Diameter: 50 mm
Burrs Material: Hardened Steel
Drive System: Direct
Bean Hopper Capacity: 300g
Bean Hopper Material: Plastic
Functions: Manual
Number Of Settings: Stepless Micrometric System
Height: 350 mm
Width: 120 mm
Depth: 180 mm
Net Weight: 5.6kg
RPM: 1350
Power: 310W