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Hario Olive Wood Ceramic Coffee Grinder

Stop right there! This is not your average coffee grinder... No! This is the stunning and one of a kind Ceramic Coffee Grinder with the Olive Wood Base by Hario. It is another super addition to the superior Hario Olive Wood Range, and its feel is second to none.


This hand coffee grinder is like a combination of the Hario Skerton and Hario Mini Mill except that it's even sturdier, more stylish, and more comfortable. The luxurious and high-quality finish of this olive wood mill with ceramic grinder ranks it among the best on the coffee grinder market.

This is a Hario hand grinder with a unique superior-quality ceramic grinder. You can adjust the grinder from very fine to coarse, so you can brew your perfect exactly how you want it.

Made by a craftsman's hand, the hopper cover is presented in white ceramic, while the bottom of the hand grinder in natural olive wood which fits naturally in your hand.

The Olive Wood coffee grinder allows you to control the coarseness by the simple adjustment of the internal screw. It is also very easy to use and wash. The bottom of the grinder is removable which means you can wash it easily and use it with various coffee stands.

  • Dimensions

    Height 21.5cm; Width 16.5cm; Depth 8.5cm

    30g Capacity


    Ceramic Top Hopper Cover

    Olive Wood Base

    Additional Info

    Adjustable Ceramic Burr

    Control and Consistency