KINGrinder K6 Manual Coffee Grinder


The KINGrinder K6 features an exterior grind adjustment control for its stainless steel burr set. With a 16 µm adjustment per click, making precise, micro-changes in grind size is achievable and repeatable, allowing you to brew a cafetière for the breakfast table and an espresso for relaxing after dinner.

KINGrinder combines precision, manual coffee grinding and robust construction in a functional package, at a competitive price. They are remarkably sturdy!

The vigorous design of the K6 Grinder along with its stainless steel burr set is built to last. The aluminium material of the body grinder is incredibly durable. The burr set attaches to the central shaft by means of a dual bearing design which allows for a better, more consistent grinding experience.

The K6 is nothing less than impressive. It is a high-quality, versatile grinder that is as equally suited to espresso as it is for brew grinds.


  • 16 µm adjustment per click
  • Exterior adjustment control
  • Stainless steel burr set
  • 48mm burr size
  • 30-35g bean hopper volume
  • Aluminium catch cup
  • 645g weight
  • 6.35mm drill compatible

KINGrinder K4 and K6 Manual

Suggested Grind Adjustment

Grind Type K0 K1 K2 K4 K6
Extra Fine N/A 28-40 clicks 28-40 clicks 15-50 clicks 15-25 clicks
Fine N/A 40-60 clicks 40-60 clicks 50-60 clicks 25-60 clicks
Medium-Fine 60-80 clicks 60-80 clicks 60-80 clicks 60-90 clicks 60-90 clicks
Medium 80-100 clicks 80-100 clicks 80-100 clicks 90-120 clicks 90-120 clicks
Coarse 140 clicks 140 clicks 140 clicks 150 clicks 150 clicks


KINGrinder Grind Settings

KINGrinder Cleaning Instructions