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Peru El Palto Bellavista


We looked high and low to finally discover a coffee that works well as an espresso and equally well as a filter coffee. To achieve this would mean that the acidity would have to be nicely balanced. South American coffees are frequently great for this as they match this profile perfectly. 

We like to treat our guests with the utmost care and respect, and as such we have roasted these beans gently and also quite slowly too.

Peru has become a strong contender in the coffee world in the last few years and to find this delicious coffee we had to go higher up into the mountains. This coffee is grown above an altitude of 1600m in the area of Bellavista. It was harvested at the end of 2019 by five farmers in the village of El Palto.

The coffee is all washed and derived from a mixed varietal of mostly Caturra and Castillo. The farmers pick and dry the coffee themselves before they travel to the warehouse in Jaen and here it is graded and cupped. Score: 84

Roast Level

Roast level 3

    1. Origin: Peru
    2. Roast: 4/10
    3. Body: 3/5
    4. Sweetness: 4/5
    5. Acidity: 2/5
    6. Taste Notes: Biscuits | Hazelnuts | Honey
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