SSP 64mm Multi-Purpose Red Speed Burr Set


SSP 64mm Multi Purpose Red Speed Burr Set for Fellow Ode, Mazzer Super Jolly, Anfim

SSP is a leading manufacturer of premium coffee grinding burrs, based in South Korea. They produce specialised burrs that create different grind profiles when compared to the manufacturer's original burrs. In turn, this can bring out different flavours in the cup and elevate the range and potential of your grinder.


The SSP 64mm Multi-purpose Red Speed Burr Set is designed for use in the most popular 64mm burr grinders such as;

- Fellow Ode Brew Grinder (Matte Black & Matte White)

- Mazzer Super Jolly


- DF64

- Anfim


The Red Speed Coating gives the burrs a golden orange sheen and increases the durability greatly when compared to uncoated burrs.