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The Solo DF64 Single Dose Grinder - Matt Black with Titanium Burrs

Solo DF64 Coffee Grinder

Single Dose & Zero Retention

The Solo DF64 Coffee Grinder upgraded with a set of 64mm Flat Titanium coated Keber Burrs, and also comes with a transparent cup that fits perfectly into a 58mm portafilter handle avoiding any spillage. This hands-free feature is very useful!

It is a wonderfully minimalistic and robust coffee grinder that will easily complement a kitchen countertop or your coffee bench. Weighing in at approximately 7kg it is reassuringly heavy and a joy to use!

The Solo DF64 also features a rubber bellows top, which enables you to push air through the top of the burrs, down and out of the grounds chute. This serves as an additional detail, on top of its streamlined design, to ensure minimal retention of grounds.

The Solo DF64 is primarily a single dose coffee grinder but it can accommodate a combined capacity of 80g of coffee beans (30g in the chamber and 50g in the bellows). It is a high-quality piece of kit and performs beautifully.


  • Single Dosing: No hopper design combined with the blowing hopper means no stale coffee; only put in the exact amount of beans needed.
  • Italian Made 64mm Flat Burrs: Titanium Coated Keber 64 mm Diameter Flat Disc
  • Extremely Low Grind Retention: The Solo Coffee Grinder has <1g of retention, 0.2g dose variance and <0.3g exchange; ranking it amongst the best grinders available.
  • Stepless Micrometric Adjustments: Unlimited adjustments with the stepless adjustment collar. Time to grind fine 18 grams = 14 seconds.
  • Easy to clean:  Simply unscrew the collar all the way to access and clean the burrs.
  • 58mm dosing cup included:  Grind directly into the included dosing cup or into your portafilter. The Solo has a portafilter holder.


  • Aluminium Body finished in Metallic Black
  • Motor: 250w
  • RPM: 1400
  • Height - 30.5 cm
  • Width - 13.2 cm
  • Depth - 25.4 cm
  • Power - 250 Watts
  • Colour - Black
  • Bean Hopper Capacity - 30g
  • Bellows Hopper Capacity - 50g
  • Type of blades -  Titanium Coated Keber 64 mm Diameter Flat Disc
  • Weight - 8kg
  • Rated Input- 220-240V/50Hz
  • UK Plug
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