Timemore 600ml French Press 3.0 with Dual Mesh Filter

The beautiful Timemore French Press uses a dual filter system (one is the plunger and the other is integrated into the pouring spout) to produce delicious, sediment-free, full flavour coffee with high clarity.

For the best results please grind your fresh coffee beans using a coarse setting.


The Timemore 600ml French Press / Cafetière

The beautifully designed Timemore French press will add a touch of class to your brew bench.

We love Timemore products, not only for their quality and style, but also the way all their products are so well designed, from the robust packaging to the aesthetics of the product. 

The Timemore Frech Press is not only a pretty product, but it is also smart too! Its dual filter system ensures that you get less sediment in your cup. This is achieved by the filter in the plunger and a second filter built into the spout.

Use it for tea or coffee and you'll not be disappointed.


  • Glass body
  • Metal Teflon coated lid and plastic under
  • Rubber base to prevent slipping
  • Heat resistant glass
  • 350ml or 600ml sizes available 

Brewing suggestion

  1. When you grind your coffee tend toward a coarser setting.
  2. Use about 7 grams of ground coffee per 100ml of water (in this case 42g of coffee with 600ml of water)
  3. Heat your water to approximately 94°C
  4. Pour water over the ground coffee and momentarily agitate gently.
  5. Replace lid and let your coffee brew for about 3 to 4 minutes.
  6. Push the filter lid down slowly. There is no need to stir.
  7. Serve your coffee

This is our suggestion but of course, feel free to experiment and find your perfect brewing ratio.

And have fun!

Please note that this beautiful Timemore French Press is Teflon coated so please wash it by hand and not in your dishwasher! 


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