Timemore Chestnut G1 Manual Coffee Grinder - Black

This is easily one of the most exquisite hand grinders around. From the moment you pick up this handcrafted tool and before you even grind your first coffee beans, you’ll be won over by the beautiful detachable metal handle, its perfectly formed chestnut body and the sheer weight of it. A little bit of perfect!

Timemore Chestnut Manual Coffee Grinder - Black

'The contour of the inner circle and the outer side,just the right curve, constructs a beautiful shape; the precision-machined body and grinding core ensure the uniformity and ease of grinding coffee beans; the American black walnut wood handle and powder cylinder provide a delicate with A sense of grip; metal and wood elements achieve a perfect aesthetic collision; thus, won the 2017 German Red Dot Design Award!'

Chestnut G1 has been the more popular high-end hand grinder so far!

This manual grinder has real style and presence. Its perfectly formed chestnut body, handcrafted build and weight exude pure quality, and home baristas will likely be sold before they grind a single coffee bean.

Its ball-bearing system ensures even grinding and it can grind approximately 30g of beans. Use with pour-over, syphon, French Press and espresso brewers. This Manual Timemore G1 Coffee Grinder makes a fantastic gift!

  • Product features

    Brand: Timemore

    Body material: chestnut

    Top material: space-grade aluminium, black

    Blade material: HRC58 stainless steel

    Capacity: approx 30g ground coffee

    Grinder adjustments: Eight

    Also available: silver, gold, silver (with transparent base), gold (with transparent base), black (with transparent base)