The You Barista House Blend - Dark Roast


A slightly darker roasted version of the delicious You Barista Blend that we are very proud of! 

The coffee is notably stronger, it has a richer body and is roasted extremely carefully so that it is much closer to the quintessential 'roasty' flavour without it tasting like it has been carelessly burnt. 

If you like strong coffee then you will doubtless really like this blend! Welcome to the dark side...

Roast Level

Roast level 9

    1. Origin: Brazil | El Salvador | India
    2. Roast: 9/10
    3. Body: 5/5
    4. Sweetness: 3/5
    5. Acidity: 2/5
    6. Taste Notes: Smooth | Caramel | Dark Chocolate
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