What to do if my Clyde Stovetop Kettle stops whistling?

Whistle while you work!


This is a product support article to help remedy the issue of a Fellow Clyde that no longer wants to whistle. The information is provided by the team at Fellow as a recommended solution to this rare problem.

Inside the spout of your Fellow Clyde, there are two upside-down V-shaped slots. These are the delicate two-tone reeds that produce the whistling sound. There is a tiny metal ball that then sits over a hole. The ball should cover the opening when it's on the stove, thereby resulting in the steam being pushed upwards through the two-tone reeds. Once your kettle has bolied and you then tip your Clyde to pour out the water, the tiny ball will roll forwards and out of the way to allow for the water to pour out.

Try to look through the screen to see if the ball is not sitting correctly, or if the reeds are obstructed in any way. Blockage tends to be the most common issue. We also recommend verifying that water can still be poured out and the lid fits snug enough so no air escapes. 

If you are experiencing this issue and this article was unable to help please do reach out to us at support@youbarista.co.uk

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