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      If you have ever spent much time outdoors, you may have fond memories of the Aerobie flying disc that was vastly superior to Frisbees and would fly through the skies seemingly defying the laws of physics.

      The brilliant people at Aerobie are apparently not just one trick ponies as, who’d have thought it, they somehow went and created the AeroPress - an ingenious way to brew coffee! And even more amazing is the fact that it's a really fantastic brew method - it has even inspired a global following and the World AeroPress Championship, and has subsequently been adopted by the speciality coffee community!

      The AeroPress. So easy to use. Delicious coffee, every time. Your new favourite brewer?

       The AeroPress has always been one of our favourite go-to coffee brewers because it offers a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy really delicious coffee, with the added benefits of versatility and ease of use. This versatility appeals to coffee geeks like us who enjoy experimenting with different brewing methods and trying new coffee styles.

      Over the years we've also recommended them to people just getting into coffee who want a quick and fool-proof brew method that never disappoints. We are massive AeroPress fans!