Timemore Nano Black Mirror Coffee Scales

The Timemore Nano Black Mirror Coffee Brewing Scales

Black Mirror Nano is the first espresso-focussed coffee scales offered by Timemore to be released in 2021. The feature-packed coffee scale is simple and sleek in design. It fits easily between the drip tray and portafilter of all popular consumer machines. 


With all the creature comforts and features of the all-too-popular Black Mirror Plus but now with a slender footprint and standing just 2cm tall which is perfect for espresso brewing at home, or at a busy coffee bar.

Flow rate? Yesof course! A small press of the flow rate button on the side gives an real-time readout of the flow rate, a feature that has only since been available on the flagship Black Mirror 2

Reinforced internals with an aluminium skeleton elevates the build quality yet still unmatched for value in this space.

Product Features

  • Re-chargeable with a 15 hour battery life. Li-ion 780 mAh est. 15h continuous use
  • Flow rate button
  • Easy to use modes for pour over and espresso 
  • Precise inbuilt timer 
  • Type C charging port - USB charger included 
  • Scratch resistant matte texture 
  • Removable silicone mat 
  • Water resistant and heatproof 
  • Back lit digital display 
  • Wipe clean stain resistant weighing surface 
  • Max 2000g 
  • Dimensions - Length 115mm, Width 110mm, Height 20mm (thickness of silicone mat is 3mm) 
  • Sensitivity +/-0.1g
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